The Basics

The Pack consists of boys in 1st thru 5th grade and their parents/guardians and is divided into Dens.  The whole Pack usually meets once a month for a Pack Meeting and often other activities such as camping, hiking, derbies, caroling, community service projects, fundraisers, and many others.

Each Den is made up of an adult Den Leader and a group of 6 to 8 boys of the same general age and grade.  Each Den usually meets twice a month and may go out on Den activities.

1st Grade = Tigers 2nd Grade = Wolves 4th Grade = Webelos I

3rd Grade = Bears 5th Grade = Webelos II

The Den Leader is an adult who leads the Den meetings and helps plan the Pack Program with the Cubmaster.  Tiger Cubs also have an Adult Partner with them at their Den meetings.

The Cubmaster is an adult who leads the Pack meetings and works with the Den Leaders to plan the Pack Program.

The Pack Committee is a group of adults who gather once a month to conduct Pack business and to help execute the Pack Program.  They are led by the Committee Chairperson and have oversight of the Pack and are responsible for fund raising, logistical support, recruiting, training, and coordination with the local Scouting District and the Chartered Organization.

The Chartered Organization is the entity that sponsors the Pack and has oversight of the Pack Committee.  In our case, we are chartered by the Brea Rotary Club.  The Chartered Organization Representative represents the Chartered Organization’s interests.

Cub Scouting is an Annual Program.  We slow down for the summer (no Den or Pack meetings), but typically plan several fun, family activities during these months.

Cub Scouting is a Family-Oriented Program.  The Scouts’ families are invited to attend the Pack meetings and most of our other Pack activities. Parents are also encouraged to attend Den meetings and to be involved at the committee level – helping with activities, fundraisers, etc.  Every committee member and adult leader in the Pack is a Parent Volunteer.

Annual Registration fees are $125.00 per year (includes Scout and Adult Registration) we meet for 9 months that’s roughly around $13.88 a month.  Our actual charter year ends in December, so we prorate the initial registration fees.  For example, if you sign-up in September, your fees are only $25. In addition to registration fees, parents also pay for their Scout’s uniform and handbook.  The Pack pays for achievement awards, the Scout’s Pack T-shirt, Boys Life magazine, storage, neckerchief and slide at Graduation, a pinewood derby car, and many of the Scouts’ activities.